1.      How long have you been in business? launched earlier this year, after several months of interviewing enthusiasts and top shops about what was most important to them and building a service to do them justice.


2.      What services do you provide for auto enthusiasts?

We connect car enthusiasts with the best shops and experts.  That means that no matter what need an enthusiast may have for their vehicle(s) ---- for example, from engine tuning to engine rebuilding, from restoration advice to complete restoration work --- MotorCrew can provide strong recommendations on great partners.  Whether it’s in-person work or advice-on-demand, we handle we’ve got you covered.


3.      What makes your business different or innovative?

Our site is for car enthusiasts, powered by car enthusiasts.  That means that we completely understand the mentality and drive of our members, the frustrations that they go through to maintain their passion, and the need to find highly reliable and talented shops and experts.  We designed our site and service with all of this already woven into our DNA.


We know first-hand how hard it can be to identify just the right shop or expert, and we’d long heard the same from our friends.  So we built MotorCrew with that in mind.  We’re really about highlighting and making connections between enthusiasts and true craftspeople who could have been hard to find before.  And all of those recommendations are fueled by the input of knowledgeable car people in the MotorCrew network.


Our management team is deeply into cars, with decades of collective experience. For example--after many years of obsessively looking, I found the exact 1969 Corvette that my dad had when I was growing up and he later needed to sell.  We bought it back, and I’m now sharing it with him and my son.  It still had my mom’s handwriting on the owner’s manual when we opened the glove compartment.


Another of our leads is from Detroit and is on his fourth pro-touring 1st gen Camaro.  He lives and breathes cars.  Our enthusiast network is vast, knowledgeable, reliable, and in tune with shops.  Therefore, when MotorCrew gives a recommendation to help connect car enthusiasts with the best shops and experts, it’s driven by people who have personal experience with the shops and experts recommended.


If you compare this, to say, other review sites who are just generalists, you’ll see that the quality of the results will vastly differ.  We get it.


4.      What area do you service? Bay Area? California?

We’re initially focusing recommendations for local services on the Bay Area, before expanding from there.  We’re also connecting enthusiasts nationwide with top pros for advice on projects.


5.      How do I sign up for your service?

It’s easy.  You can just visit and click “SIGN UP” in the top navigation.  Or, you can also visit the website, just click “FIND AN EXPERT” to go through the quick process of finding your desired shop or expert, and then you will automatically be entered into the sign-up process.


6.      What fees should I expect?

None!  Our site and service are completely free for enthusiasts.  We believe that a site free of charge for our passionate members is the right thing to do.


7.      Contact information

You can easily reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (833) 668-7278.  We look forward to hearing from you!  We want your feedback on what we’re doing, how we can improve and what shops or experts you’d recommend for the network.  We’re in this together and want to be a trusted partner for you long-term.


--Gene Cook, CEO


Tuesday the 28th. .